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Setting Career Goals


It is worthwhile for PhD students to thoroughly consider their career options beyond the pursuit of a faculty position.

While the prospect of becoming a tenure-track professor has long been a traditional aspiration, the reality is that only a limited number of these positions are available compared to the growing pool of doctoral graduates. Fortunately, the professional landscape has also evolved such that a broader exploration of career paths does not necessarily mean a disappointing “plan B”.

There are career opportunities in industry, in government, in communications, and in other areas, which may align better with your strengths, motivation and personality. Developing your transferable skills is useful in tandem with gaining a better understanding of the career path you wish to pursue.

Explore your options in the following resources:

European Commission

The American Society  for Cell Biology

online platform with simulation exercises to explore future career options

Why it is not a ‘failure’

to leave academia

column at Nature

Schedule a one-on-one career advising appointment to discuss any career questions
you might have with Daphna Gofer from the TAU career development center.

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